the best way to describe our retreats in one word: serenity.

Sometimes you just need a weekend away filled with yoga and meditation, surrounded by nature’s most beautiful creations to replenish your heart and soul. Our retreats are designed to give you the love and attention that your heart, mind, and physical-self deserve. Our main focus at SAY is to provide you a homey and happy vibe during your stay. Specific requests are always welcome.

Revitalizing You Retreat

Surrender. Ground. Renew.

Saturday, May 16 | 9am – 12pm

To create space and recharging your spirit with contemplation, movement, meditation + restoration. A 3 hour virtual retreat hosted by Jami Crist, Rev Cycle, Sara Ashley Yoga, and Katie B founder of Real Rebel Podcast. The morning will kick off with strong movement with Jami Crist to shake up any energy that you have been feeling— old ways, rage, fear.. whatever it is, let it move and shake out of your body. After we shake it out, Sara Ashley will bring us back and get you grounded through flow. Real Rebel podcaster Katie B will be guiding you through renewal.

Come with an intention, an open heart, and any questions you have as we’ll be closing the workshop with an audience Q&A!

Digital Training Happening LIVE via Zoom.