this week’s intention: erase hate

We all know that the world needs more love and less hate. Yet we often use the word “hate” on the regular basis. When did hate become part of our vocabulary? When did we start hating things about ourselves and others? And when did our world become so full of it?

I’ve been practicing taking the word hate out of my vocabulary. What I’ve noticed is that: 1. there are a lot prettier ways to SAY that you don’t care for something and 2. eliminating the word also eliminates the thought of hate. Could it be that if you stop saying you hate something you actually do? Is it possible to find good, hope, and love in the people, places, and things that you don’t like? The answer is yes.

Try this:

When you find yourself about to SAY something you hate, replace it with three things you love.
When I think about what I could live without (see what I did there?) it’s the size of my quads. They’re as short as they are wide and make it impossible for any 5 foot nothing gal to find pants that fit. But realistically I can’t live without my quads. They make it possible to run, jump, and keep up with all of my taller, faster friends. I make tons of friends in the grocery stores being forced to scale the shelves to grab something off the top shelf. And if it weren’t for the size and strength of these bad boys I wouldn’t be able to run around and play with my two-year-old niece.
So maybe I don’t “hate” them after all. And maybe I don’t hate a lot of things that I often SAY I do. Erasing hate and finding love within your own self and your own life will only become contagious to the way you think, live, and to those around you.

We can all erase hate and add more love to this world. It starts with we SAY to ourselves.

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