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Her heart is as pure as the snacks she makes and goodies she bakes.

This little bundle of sunshine has been filling my world and belly with nothing but love from the moment that she walked into one of my (first) yoga classes in August 2016. Reem is a student who quickly turned into a friend and is now LAS* and a regular part of my everyday life. I will always remember the day the stars aligned and our two worlds collided. I am so grateful for the collision because this incredible, thoughtful, nutritional genius of a lady is one of the sweetest creations that I have ever met. Well, that and these delicious and nutritious protein balls that she gifted me on my birthday.

Reem’s birthday protein balls:


• 1/2 c rolled oats, divided
• 1/4 c cashew butter
• 1 scoop vanilla protein powder (I use sunwarrior protein)
• 1/2 t almond extract
• 1/2 t vanilla extract
• 1/2 lemon, zested
• 1 pinch himalayan salt
• unsweetened coconut milk– start with 1-2 teaspoons and add more as needed
• sprinkles


1. Cover and blend half of the oats until they turn into a soft powder (oat flour) and transfer into a mixing bowl.
2. Add the other half of oats, cashew butter, protein powder, extracts, lemon zest, and salt.
3. Mix well; adding milk until you have a dough-like consistency.
4. Roll the dough into teaspoon-sized balls and then roll each ball in sprinkles.
5. Store in the fridge.
6. Remember sharing is caring.

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*LAS comes from LYLAS (love ya like a sister) for all you non 80’s babes.

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