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Each class is creatively and thoughtfully designed for yogis & yoginis of any level. Explore your physical and mental strength, balance, and flexibility while flowing through a variety of different asanas. Every class is themed and intelligently sequenced around a specific peak posture. SAY classes are promised to be filled with inspirational and encouraging messages and fun loving music.

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There is so much more to learn on your yoga mat outside of the yoga classroom. Events and workshops are the perfect way to nourish your mind and body by treating yourself to a specific class that sparks your interest. Explore your practice in a different environment, with a different community, or with a different intention in mind.

There is always more room for unity in the yoga commUNITY.

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Looking for a little R&R? SAY retreats will get you feeling refreshed and refocused. Join us for a monthly weekend retreat or build your own with your favorite omies.

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